Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thursday 7th Aug - Stone to Barlaston

This is the view out of the window - therw's a very picturesque field opposite, the bank has brokenm down either side of the tree and it's a general hangout for geese & ducks. With the main line to Stoke & Manchester a field away (which I myself used earlier) it may not be the quietest of nights/mornings...

I left London late lunchtime, thankfully didn't have to wait too long for the hourly bus to Stone, and was here in time to buy veg & perishables in the supermarket and an 8' pole in the chandlers to attempt to prop open lift bridges. I realise I could have brought along a spare 8' length of 2x2 timber I know I have at home, but wouldn't have been entirely practical... ;-)

Looks like there's more traffic around now than a couple of weeks ago - useful as there's more chance a boat will be coming out of a lock I want to go in to, but also more chance I'll see an empty lock be hurriedly filled as I approach it, as happened on the Meaford flight this evening. I'll assume they didn't look.

It's great to be back on the canal again - been away for a couple of weeks for guests, a festival and a couple of days at Climate Camp (welsh policemen friendliest, indeed nmost likely to treat you as a human being). Yes, leaving that early to get back to a diesel engine was kind of incongruous, but so was the extra driving involved by a very generous friend to get my pedal powered PA kit to the festival. In the latter case I tried (and failed) to get a lift with someone doing the same journey anyway, but I can't control whether people volunteer or not. Anyway, I digress... I'll be comparing CO2 emissions from the trip this summer to a flight, when I'm done, could be interesting.

Tomorrow - Stoke, I'll be trying to find some hidden beauty in there somewhere. Perhaps Etruria has an ancient meaning, but it sounds so much more appealing... I should be out the other side on the Caldon by the evening, anyway.

(this post brought to you by new web gadget. Turns out you get 3Gb on it to start with anyway - I'm still having fun & games woith setting up, after have to borrow a PC to get the text message on the SIM with the web password on, I find that for some reason the only website I can't get at when connected is the 'my 3' one that tells me how much data allowance I have left.)

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