Monday, 2 October 2006

unlicenced baths

Sometimes, on the canals, you don't have to travel; the adventure comes to you.

On Saturday another suspicious group of people appeared, not from the BBC this time, though. The man in a wetsuit, a bath and a canoe paddle were a bit of a clue:

It wasn't stable at all - the intrepid bathonaut coped well, but it wobbled:

and sank:

They tried again with sand in the bottom of the bath as ballast, which worked better , but sat a lot deeper in the water. They're hoping to be able to break the distance record for waterbourne baths - 91 miles - for a charity that hopes to set up saling schemes for street kids in the Phillipines - the event itself will probably be up & down Canary Wharf rather than up the canal, though.

Meanwhile I was plumbing in the sink (and waste outflow), added a tiny bit of worktop in between sink & cooker, and for fun to se how it looked, put the stove in the intended new position. All the woodwork is temporary, but I'd rather be able to test out the layout & use before the full refit & relining of the boat. Pictures here and here for those interested. Obvious the strove will have a fireproof & tiled surround on three sides - and if wants to offer to choose me some nice tiles, suggestions are welcome... I was thinking of plain tiles in mixed muted, mediterranean colours, but...