Friday, 28 June 2013

Watford Wanderings*

* not really, but couldn't think of anything else that fitted. Perhaps Witterings, or Waffle?

We found ourselves handily local for Imagine Watford, a ten day street performance/art festival. We managed to enjoy a lot of the street art, but those photos are on a memory card twenty miles away (although Carrie may post some first anyway). What was decidedly off-street, though, was a strangely bisected performance called 'Tug' by the Dog Kennel Hill Project.

Bisected as the audience were split into two small groups; one on the boat (including us, naturally), and the other on the towpath. We got a oddly surreal mixture of mime/dance/rant, and the towpath people got some kind of medieval Midsomer Murder plot, with commentary on headphones. Speaking to people afterwards I think we had fairly different, yet still worthwhile, experiences.

The boat involved was Renfrew, a 1930-something Northwich (I think). Normally does coal runs in the midlands, but has provided the stage for the same performance in Nottingham, and will do so again in Kings Cross in October.