Monday, 25 April 2011

new lights

Here, if only for my benefit, are my finally installed LED lights, replacing the 8w flourescents (the boat's original fittings, I'd forgotten, were two tubes, so 16W). These, by contrast, are around 1W each, but give a soft, warm, even light. Not as bright as their predecessors, but, the swivel LED MR16 light (now over the kitchen) can usefully be pointed into most corners of the boat for a bit of spot illumination.

Anyway, as mentioned previously the wood has been routed out to take the switch & voltage regulator (LM2940) - mounting screws are hidden under the LED disc thingy. It's taken me ages to get around to sorting these, but I'm please with the result. One of the problems with the MR16 LED lights is the depth required to mount them; these get around that completely, and also are nowhere near as concentrated.

Having recently rewired the bits & pieces of solar panel on the roof after finding that one one of the three non-boken ones was actually connected, total lighting load is now less than these panels were providing the other day, & that's into pretty much full batteries already. I keep meaning to post about my cunning combined volt/ammeter; another time.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

a little busy at the Fox

We had a lovely evening move up the the Fox in Hanwell. We thought it might be a bit full due to being an Easter weekend, a hot day as well as being late in the day, but we weren't quite expecting this:

We shrugged, moored a little further back from the crowd, and went on search on takeaway curry (local chain Montys have a place as part of a hotel just at the end of Trumper's way, the last bridge before the Fox, the flight etc). Only wandering into the pub for last orders we saw rows of real ale barrels (I worry about using the wrong word, I'm sure I'll be corrected) as this was on:

Five of these boats are from the St Pancras Homeboys Cruising Club who'd come via Limehouse; seems a long way around to me, but that's just me.

The Fox are having their craft fair thing next Sat, but we'll have shifted on by then. Another time.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

East of (s)Ealing

I've been taking the opportunity to do a few jobs on Tortoise - fitted nice warm white LED lights (with low dropout voltage regulators & custom wooden mounts c/o a new toy, a router, and not one of the computer variety, and also refit the windows.

A couple of windows have been leaking slightly, so I've been redoing them using sealant and also some 'flexiseal' stuff Channelglaze recommend. I should say recommended, I got it a long while ago, but have only finally made a start on using it. Also a couple of windows have had longstanding marks on them, so I'm swapping them out for 'spares' - yup, Salad Days had six 3' long windows, Tortoise has 3, so plenty of spare glass. ;-)

A fortuitous meeting with a guy from Isis allows me to follow up the last couple of posts - there's 'no plans' to discontinue the Brentford visitor moorings in their current position, and they 'hope' to be able to keep the art deco buildings around the back. I said I'd ask him again in a couple of years... ;-)

No pics, as I keep forgetting to take my camera anywhere. Tortoise'll be in town for the wedding cavalcade at the end of the month, so there'll be something to take a picture of, I'm sure.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

'Brentford Lock West' goes ahead

I'm not sure how yet more ugly flats will give Brentford 'the kiss of life' - I wasn't aware of it needing such a thing - but the council have given the go-ahead to the complete encircling of Brentford basin, with more blocks of flats behind what are currently the visitor moorings (as posted about here a while ago). I say currently, as whilst the artist's impression clearly shows the BWML moorings on the east side, an a couple of boats outside the existing offices housing BW and others, I can't see any boats on what are currently the visitor moorings. I can't think of other examples where new flats have retained moorings open to all comers just outside, but I'll be happy to be proved wrong.

Commercial Break - Fraser's Timber

I'd been meaning to post about this lot before, but a recent urgent need for some 1" ply cut to size forced the issue...

Fraser's Timber is a relatively recent management buyout (by Graham & Scott) of what was Albion Timber, on The Ham, Brentford. Their yard actually backs on to the canal/Brent between the gauging & Thames locks, although the high security fencing and concrete bound towpath might make direct collection interesting. If I try it, I'll let you know... close enough to walk from the Brentford basin, though.

Anyway, they've always been friendly & helpful, and happy to deal with my bits & pieces - lots of oak trim for the boat, flooring for the loft. They've moved their old cutting workshop to make way for a posh new showroom on the ground floor, too. They deserve support & success, so you know where to go...

Website here, or tel (020) 8847 1856.