Tuesday, 19 April 2011

East of (s)Ealing

I've been taking the opportunity to do a few jobs on Tortoise - fitted nice warm white LED lights (with low dropout voltage regulators & custom wooden mounts c/o a new toy, a router, and not one of the computer variety, and also refit the windows.

A couple of windows have been leaking slightly, so I've been redoing them using sealant and also some 'flexiseal' stuff Channelglaze recommend. I should say recommended, I got it a long while ago, but have only finally made a start on using it. Also a couple of windows have had longstanding marks on them, so I'm swapping them out for 'spares' - yup, Salad Days had six 3' long windows, Tortoise has 3, so plenty of spare glass. ;-)

A fortuitous meeting with a guy from Isis allows me to follow up the last couple of posts - there's 'no plans' to discontinue the Brentford visitor moorings in their current position, and they 'hope' to be able to keep the art deco buildings around the back. I said I'd ask him again in a couple of years... ;-)

No pics, as I keep forgetting to take my camera anywhere. Tortoise'll be in town for the wedding cavalcade at the end of the month, so there'll be something to take a picture of, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you are doing all those outstanding jobs on Tortoise :-)
Isn't is nice to have the boat near to home, makes work so much easier.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Simon said...

aw - you feeling the distance from Herbie already? ;-(