Saturday, 2 April 2011

Commercial Break - Fraser's Timber

I'd been meaning to post about this lot before, but a recent urgent need for some 1" ply cut to size forced the issue...

Fraser's Timber is a relatively recent management buyout (by Graham & Scott) of what was Albion Timber, on The Ham, Brentford. Their yard actually backs on to the canal/Brent between the gauging & Thames locks, although the high security fencing and concrete bound towpath might make direct collection interesting. If I try it, I'll let you know... close enough to walk from the Brentford basin, though.

Anyway, they've always been friendly & helpful, and happy to deal with my bits & pieces - lots of oak trim for the boat, flooring for the loft. They've moved their old cutting workshop to make way for a posh new showroom on the ground floor, too. They deserve support & success, so you know where to go...

Website here, or tel (020) 8847 1856.

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