Saturday, 23 April 2011

a little busy at the Fox

We had a lovely evening move up the the Fox in Hanwell. We thought it might be a bit full due to being an Easter weekend, a hot day as well as being late in the day, but we weren't quite expecting this:

We shrugged, moored a little further back from the crowd, and went on search on takeaway curry (local chain Montys have a place as part of a hotel just at the end of Trumper's way, the last bridge before the Fox, the flight etc). Only wandering into the pub for last orders we saw rows of real ale barrels (I worry about using the wrong word, I'm sure I'll be corrected) as this was on:

Five of these boats are from the St Pancras Homeboys Cruising Club who'd come via Limehouse; seems a long way around to me, but that's just me.

The Fox are having their craft fair thing next Sat, but we'll have shifted on by then. Another time.

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