Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Lovely little boat for sale...

No surprise to one or two of you, but Tortoise is for sale; it's been twelve lovely years, but new adventures beckon, also involving woods & water, but a little more stonework ;-)

ad for Tortoise on VC Marine

Anyone who's followed this blog for a few years will know what a great little boat it is & the adventures I've had, very easy to single-hand and would be lovely for a couple, too.  Fine on all but virtually waterless canals, goes like a dream on the Thames - and very cosy when the stove is going.

I've no idea if anyone bookmarked the fancy web address of, but that will disappear in a few weeks, but the 'proper' address of will remain, and may even include news of other adventures in the future. I also note I have an unfnished draft of a guide to single-handing in Thames Locks, which I may finish - one day. ;-)

Meanwhile thanks to all I've met on the canals and through the internet bit thereof; still not averse to a bit of drinking (or lockwheeling, or even both), so shout if you're passing ;-)