Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Little Boat Company

People tell me how difficult it is to find smaller boats, especially new. So, if only for my own amusement, a link to the Little Boat Company who specialise in tiny canal boats, the layout of which seems to be pretty similar to that of Tortoise. Small boats have more fun, as it should say somewhere...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

more stove fun

A better picture of the stove in situ, showing clearly the adapter plate, firmly bolted to the stove top. I was initially worried that these bolts would look to be in a fairly ad-hoc pattern (there's a few ridges etc on the low side of the stove top, but I ended up with a neat oval pattern, that also didn't mar Jon's Windy Smithy logo he'd put on the corner. A lovely result. ;-)

The stove works very nicely on coal, too, as expected - lights fairly easily with a firelighter and a few pieces of kindling, and gives a nice gentle heat, with the added bonus of hot water from the kettle, and food cooking. I haven't turned on the gas since the stove's been in & working; obviously will be different in summer.

The old Carabo stove won't be neglected - it's now burning away quite happily in my front room at home. It was all wrapped up to be brought home by trolley & train when Neil mentioned he was driving into town to play bagpipes, so I cheekily hitched a lift home with the stove... ;-) Thanks Neil.

edited to add: I must admit I like the look of the stove without the brass rails around the edge of the top, but I suspect I may well install them for any cruising coming up soon (poss Lee & Stort?) - being able to keep a kettle on top without it falling off will be very, very useful. ;-)