Friday, 19 May 2006

When the survey was being done a week ago, I was mooching about, chatting to people around. Jan, a local boat resident heard what the old name was, and said 'you are going to change it, aren't you?'. Yes. 'Is it out of the water?'. Yes. She apologised for the superstition of it, but said 'tell the boat it's name while it's still out; it goes back in with a new name'. I liked that, it appealed a lot, so I did.

The full payment had gone through by yesterday morning, I had the day off, so I could go out to the boat, have a potter, bit of an explore of the details. I found a spare single duvet, which will be handy, although the Mighty Power Rangers cover on it threw me a little. I didn't get half as much done as I'd thought due to meeting everyone, chatting, being made tea. I did paint out the old name - no name is better than the wrong one.

I think I'm going to like owning a boat, you know.