Tuesday, 19 August 2008

19th Blakes Mere to Wrenbury.

Spent half the morning stuck in an ever-lengthening queue behind a boat going at snail's pace - which they dropped to barely moving when passing boats - the're main speed would have hardly rocked anything anyway. It felt like a bit of a parade by the time we got to Grindly Brook at it's staircase locks (and huge queues, we were pretty lucky last time) A boat or two behind me appeared Andante, so we worked through together again. It was well after five by the time we got through - I didn't half feel bad for Bliss, the boat I'd shared a few locks with earlier - their mooring is at the top of the Grindley Brook locks, but at least they know the best times to go through. Lots more rain, too. At least we didn't get as much as Northern ireland.

In the queue though I was told the story of the boat pulled up on the bank from the other day - it had been lovingly done up by it's owner, kids got in and trashed it 'breaking his heart' and he abandoned it... it was thought the farmer had pulled it up out of the water to stop it sinking completely. That, and me supplying one of my 5l diesel stashed to a who's boat had broken down - he's checked everything until he realised the tank had been emptied while he'd left the boat in the middle of nowhere for a few days. Rare, islolated incidents, but good reminders that boats are happier left with a few friends for company around them.

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