Friday, 22 August 2008

22nd Tyreley to Brewood

The old wharf buildings at Tyrely are undoubtedly pretty, but marred by the owner advertising his political leanings;

Then lots of lovely deep cuttings and high bridges; still pretty wet and I was trying to dry out clothes, so a gentle plume of woodsmoke accompanied me. Passed the old chocolate wharf at Knighton:

Chocolate crumb from here was taken to Bourneville by boat; now the site makes powdered milk, the book says.

Got to the Anchor at High Offerley way before opening time, which still hadn't arrived five past midday, so I pressed on, did get to chat to the Mikron Theatre lot who performed there the previous night, though.

Finally reached the famous bridge with a double arch and telegraph pole in the middle; it may only be famous to me as it's on the cover of the old cana guide to the Shropshire Union I used when I cycled it ten odd years ago. I'm glad I'm not doing it now - the towpath is largely soft mud, some of which was virtually a pond with green alage growing on it. Of course cycling makes things worse for everyone else...

Just above Brewood (silent E, we're told) a friendly face stuck her head out of her boat and said hello - great to finally meet green boater (trite description, sorry) Carrie - a quick natter (not nearly long enough) and a coffee before I headed down into the village to meet Brigid, my guest for the weekend who had been in Birmingham anyway. Brigid is marvellously able, and was quite happy to find her own way to a village in the midlands by public transport - a trait I cvery much encourage. We went to the Swan (failing to spot the notorious landlady - Anne?) and then a lovely curry at the 'Curry Inn'. Not only do they have a Maplin catalogue as light reading in the hallway, but a copy of a local newsletter which featured 'Ed Inferno' the local drum teacher, Excellent.

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