Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Weds 16th July Rugby (Newbold) to Stoke Golding

On the way into the library I'd spotted a proper picket line at a council depo, on the way out I got chatting to a good old fashioned reporter-with-notebook and photographer combo scouring the streets. I also found a few charity shops, inevitably.

Newbold tunnel is short, with a towpath - to make it more pedestrian friendly is was floodlit with coloured lights - difficult to photograph without going into manual settings, but I gaveit a go (it felt a lot more light than this, it's just that the floodlights were so bright and confused the camera):

On the way to Marston junction I passed a boatyward that looked like a pile of boats; this was spotted in a corner:

I turned on to the Ashby canal at Marston - it instantly felt slower, quieter - I was dithering whether to do this diversion, but I was soon glad I did.

There was even a boat which would be perhaps more in keeping with my political leanings...

I passed through Hinckley, knowing I was stopping there on the way back, and went on to Stoke Golding, where I continued my habit of wandering into the public bar of the local at 10.30 at night.

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