Wednesday, 9 July 2008

In Berkhamstead library, as the eBay treo I got for the trip is proving to be worth less than the postage I paid for it. Carrying on despite the rain; no curry out last night due to a mobile being locked out of a house and the house outside of it, but night pint (or two) in the Crystal Palace with Ledgie, long-time boating resident of B, who has a few stories to tell.

Boat etc going well - quite a few locks have been shared over the past couple of days (stories there for another day), but I've got into the habit of turning off the endine when working trhough alone, as I pull it in & out by hand anyway. This is nice & pecaeful, but I do wonder if the engine going on & off all the time (there's lots of locks round here) is doing it much good - the temperature guage is showing it's not reaching optimum a lot of the time.

I may as well just bung my phone number up here due to lack of nightly email - 0774 0625 073. Use it wisely, ideally to say 'I'm coming to visit'. ;-)

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