Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sun 13th July - Wolverton to Cosgrove (!)

A useful morning of pottering & tidying, as Carol was coming up for the afternoon to Wolverton station, having worked late the previous night. Once collected, we did the short trip to Cosgrove and had a long lunch in the Barley Mow, before walking Carol back to Wolverton for the train, bring my bike for a quck journey back. In the evening Mike drove up from Milton keynes and we tried out the Navigation for more beer (for me) - very much a two miles, one lock and two pubs day. Good to do.

Before Mike arrived, I had time to mount the horn properly, and also temporarily wire in a headlight - essential for the tunnels coming up.

I'd spotted previously that the screws holding the centre line T had started to sheer and had stopped using it, so I was able to drill, tap & remount that. I tried mounting it futher forward, 1/3 along the boat as I'd read somewhere - as it turned out, a failed experiment, as it's far too far off centre to hold the boat securely with only one rope - nice to pull the boat along on, though. part of the reason for moving it in the first place is that I'd realise I'd put the stove more less at the same centre point, leaving the chimney in the way. I'll try remounting it a little forward of the original point, so it ends up wrapped around mushroom vents instead. ;-)

I moored up close (but not too close) to the stone bridge - pretty at night, too:

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