Thursday, 3 July 2008

After a weekend of Morris dancers at the Dent Folk Festival, they were really the last thing I expected at green drinks in Brentford on Tuesday night - and yet there they were, closely followed by Jim & Mary of Heebeejeebee. I still fail to understand why a melodeon player should sneer at a piano accordion player (me), but I guess you have to take your pride where you can. ;-)

Meanwhile back at the boat, Tortoise has a nice new instrument panel made out of a plastic junction box tucked under the starboard gunwhale (hence anything pointy being at the sides rather than front). A great improvement, as it was a good opportunity to rewire most of the engine electrics too. Relays for split charging & fridge (on same circuit, fridge only runs when boat is) are yet to be wired, but at least I've found a nice little slot for mounting such things, under the back door step.

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