Friday, 18 July 2008

Fri 18th July Snarestone to Hinckley

Going back along a route already travelled is fine - familiar with the same landmarks, but different, like looking out of a train window backwards, you see different things. I also had more of a chance to get a picture of this ornamental boat quay, just before going back into the tunnel:

On the way down to Hinckley there's a railway bridge where they haven't restored the track for the steam railway - I tried to moor up against piling to walk up and have a look, but sat the boat on gravel a few feet out - the guide warns against this, I managed to shove off again but didn't get to go exploring.

I made it into Hinckley town in tiem to buy some small storage boxes (much needed) and some fresh veg (always welcome. The town centree I found frankly a bit dull, but that evening I met up with Lee, ex of Willowtree, who pointed out the only decent pub (the Wharf) and curry house (Simla) were next to each other and a short hop from the canal (and Trinity Marina). Lovely food, and a good old natter mainly about the problems of dealing with old-school bigotry, neatly rounded off by bumping into Graham I'd met in the pub in Stoke Golding, who neatly provided a few examples. ;-(

(38l diesel at Stoke Golding)

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