Saturday, 7 March 2009

Vicarious Boating

last weekend, in between socialising with a friend/ex lodger, I had a bit of a boating holiday from home. Neil & Kath were out for a short trip on Herbie, so managed to join them in the Fox in Hanwell on Sunday, then in O Briens on Tues (music session) and Weds (pub quiz- I'm still sure that wasn't JK Rowling). Weds night turned into about 3am Thurs morning before I wandered home across Brentford. ;-) Also on Weds I had lunch at work with Adam of NB Debdale, who as I type will be shortly heading along the Ashby and bemoaning the lack of locks. Poor lad barely got a word in edgeways, but thankfully his professional training in getting the basic facts into two sentences served him well. ;-)

I often carry around an old SLR (Pentax MX) with a fast (f1.4) standard lens, and get away with photos in fairly low light situations. I did on Weds night, I've included a few here.

(top pic - Jerry from NB Roanaoke playing excellent fiddle on the right, there. Also met the lovely couple from NB Barnaby, who's names I have, dreafully, forgotten).


Neil Corbett said...

Great pictures!

Other couple were Keith and Karen on nb Barnaby

Anonymous said...

I love the black & white photies Simon.
- Carrie

Simon said...

black and white photography is my hypocitical vice - all that gelatine in the film... ;-(

I much prefer it to digital for pictures like this; any digital camera controllable enough to be able to do things like this is too big imho to carry around.

I like to be able to make people prints, too. Real prints that have never had anything to do with a computer...