Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Water Pumps & train tickets

With a certain amount of comedy water spraying, as expected it's the pressure switch - at one point I did think I'd fixed it with a strip down and clean (significant limescale in there, admittedly) but even when tested manually the pressure switch is at best inconsistent. It's a sealed unit, but amazingly (for this day & age) spares are easily had, so there's a new one on order. Already there's a growing pile of stuff to go back to the boat - including the tibetan prayer flags that were supposed to go with me last time. The washing machine has earned it's living today, too. ;-)

In less positive news work are being less than keen on my week off for the upper Thames - when it suited me, anyway. An exploratory phone call to the mooring warden may be coming up, or a day trip up to Oxford to move her back up the Oxford a short way... I'm hoping a little discussion tomorrow morning may at least give me a block of days off, but we'll see...

Meanwhile in the pile of flyers and takeaway menus behind my front door (it's amazing how many people think 'no junk mail doesn't apply to them' - one problem you don't get on boats) was a letter from London Midland enclosed £15 worth of rail vouchers. Leaving Stone national rail enquiries had told me the wrong place to get the [hourly] rail replacment bus, making me an hour late home... at one point I had two matching emails, one from NRE saying it wasn't their fault as LM give them the information, and one from LM saying it wasn't their fault as it was a NRE matter -and in f act that I should contact them to give them the correct information. A terse & persistant response to those has at least got them to do something to get me off their backs, although it looks like they've updated the info too - now that I've given the correct version to both several times.

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