Monday, 1 September 2008

Sept 1st

Unbloodybeliveable - I find myself a lovely quiet mooring by Somerton bridge, and the day boat that demanded various answers from me as I was trying to tie up have now decided to moor next to me, noisy kids and all. Obviously they decided since I'd moored there it would be a good place to stop, and hopefully they won't be around for long, but it's not exactly what I was after.

Having a bit of a people-phobic day, or at least less tolerant of certain types. At Somerton deep lock a 6 stone woman of senior years insisted on 'helping' me, which mainly consisted of standing everywhere I needed to be as I worked my boat through. Then the gate wouldn't open fully and Tortoise got stuck on the way out, and after the seventeenth stupid question from her I suggested she make herself a cup of tea while I sorted it out. Thankfully by then another boat had come along with a couple of big lads who could lean on the beam while I pulled her out. One thing where being in two places at once would have sorted that.

Oh good, the day boat are now revving the engine in gear whilst tied up, and rocking me around. Hopefully that means they'll have gone soon.

Anyway, confused plans yesterday meant a short trip out of Banbury & back again with Jan, but did get to see the Mill Arts Centre and meet up with Rachel & Matt - who are playing the Banbury Canal festival in Oct, and are very much recommended - one of the great bands I get to meet whilst doing sound.

On the way down from Cropredy, though, did get to meet Nick, the new owner of Little Bourton lock cottage, getting down to work & sorting it out. I do feel sorry for him, people like me wanting to say hello while filling the lock - he'll probably get quite famous on the internet, too. Nice chap, and it looks like the place is in good hands.

Also saw this sign as mentioned by others - Bones, perhaps? (click for big version if unreadable)

Ran out of time to get to Somerton that night, one of those grey wet evenings where it suddenly got very dark at Aynho lock, so I moored in the bushed and crashed out...

Day boat update; they're now pulling the boat, backwards through the bridge to turn around there. I hope the guy who stood hands on hips, watching me pass with great disapproval from alongside his shiny boat is still there... ;-)

12 miles, 3¾ flg and 9 locks

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