Tuesday, 24 June 2008

the grand plan

(click map for bigger version)

Map above stolen wholesale* from Jim Shead's excellent site, which I suggest you go straight over to, as the original version is clickable and goes straight to a guide for each individual canal. Yellow is the intended route up, orange the way home (dots are possibilities, depending on how the time goes). It's moderately ambitious for a dawdleathon, but I'll see how the time goes.

Speaking of useful websites, also look at Canalplan - looks a bt daunting, but just put in a start & end point (say 'Iver' to 'Llangollen', hit 'plan journey' (if asked to set your options, just press 'continue') and it'll give you an itemised list of the route blow by blow. More fun is then pressing 'virtual journey', which gives you a slideshow of the route. I hardly need to bother going in reality. ;-)

* with retrospective permission - with thanks.

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