Thursday, 19 June 2008


I've got July & August off work (tee hee), for an extended trip, as well as a few other engagments wioth the sound system (see above). Map to follow, but initial plan is up grand union, quick foray up to Leamington/Warwick before North Oxford Canal, Coventry (and possibly Ashby) Canal, Trent & Mersey (inc Caldon), Then a bit of the Shropshire before the Llangollen. Route back will depend on how much dawdling I've done in the mean time (lots, hopefully) but may well include the rest of the Shropshire Union, bit of Brum and Evesham for a course for work late September.

Boat - new engine temperature gauge (that works) from Calcutt - the fuel gauge sender has failed, too, it's like a cistern float. I know what's wrong with it - the sensor resistance wire is broken at one end, and is currently in my work bag for a sneaky look later... lots of misc woodwork, sorting out storage & the like.

Also new(ish) batts via Mike - great to have a pair of domestics. I'm not sure if the donated starter is holding charge that well, but if not my 'old' domestic will replace it.

Currently waiting for for the official go-ahead from Corgi for my Morco to be re-installed - every other boat I see has the same one if not an ancient Paloma, but I know these things aren't as easy as they could be some times.

Other than that, just looking forward to getting out there & travelling, although I must admit the Iver moorings are just getting nicely socialable again - once everyone's outside moor I've spent a lot more time nattering, being vegetarian at barbecues and all that kind of stuff. I suspect every time I leave the boat I shoudl carry some alcohol, just in case, as I keep drinking other people's with nothing to contribute. Also met Neil from Herbie - despite being at opposite ends of the same mooring and heckling by internet, we hadn't actually met before.

Well, post done, although all words and no pictures make Simon a dull boy. I'll try to remedy that soon. ;-)


MortimerBones said...

hurrah! A post!!!!

AND news of a trip up the Oxford... I hope you will stop by to be tormented by the great ship bones?!

Simon said...

there'll be plenty more once I'm out & about, assuming the technology holds out... ;-)

Would love to stop off & visit, although a return to the south Oxford & Thames willl only be in the autumn, if at all (depends on weather & work, really). I'm in Oxford socially occasionally though...

MortimerBones said...

are you....?!

Then you must visit!