Sunday, 9 March 2008

When I bought the boat, one of the small rear windows was already broken, covered internally with wood. This was a low-priority job, but once I'd stripped out the sides etc and decided on the new window layout, it was worth getting it sorted. First attempt was a local glazier, who said they could do it, but ended up fitting a wonky piece of laminated glass that cracked, and the frame was out of square. I was reluctant to drill holes for it whilst in that state, so it stayed half-fitted for a long time. Recently I got on the case again, swent it off to Channelglaze who have redone it properly, albeit it at six times the price of the local job. So today I was able to seal it in, removing the ugly peice of ply that's been screwed over the hole for the kitchen window. Finished result visible, the most central window.

I briefly mentioned painting in the last post. A neighbour at the moorings had painted his boat with a roller without laying off, leaving a more matt finish I quite liked. When I went over the roof, I did the same. I'm still undecided about the aesthetic effect, but one point to notice was after a short but heavy shower today, it really showed up the difference - matt on the top right, there. The gloss finish resists water better, and also allows the surface water to flow away, rather than sitting in small patches, as visible here. I think it'll be back to laying off, but it was worth the experiment.

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