Sunday, 16 March 2008

It's a steel front deck! A nice job too, unsurprisingly. Doors & stove to follow, rain permitting.

Meanwhile, I did some long overdue measurements on the alternator. It gets to 14.0v - barely adequate (and when the diode splitter was still in, no damn use at all), but only at fairly high revs, possibly even higher than a slow cruising speed. This is something I'd been idly considering away from the boat, and on inspection, it could certainly do with a smaller pulley wheel on the alternator (largwe one visible top left in picture). One of the problems with using them human powered is getting them to run fast enough., Slower, it doesn't generate enough power for it's own field coils and the voltage drops drastically. The previous owners had the previous alternator changed, presumably on some very bad advice, to solve charging problems. There's some curious voltage drops within the instrument panel and ignition switch; as soon as I rewire & rebuild all that the better. I also intend to investigate modifying the alternator to get closer to 100% charge, hopefully including some kind of automatic system to switch these out to go back to a better 'float' charge level.

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