Monday, 29 November 2010

Eel Pie Island open day

On a complete whim on Sunday, we got a bus down to Twickenham & Eel Pie Island, to find that it was one of the very few weekends when the little artist's enclave opens up and they sell their wares:

There's various gallery/work spaces - some seeming more like the former than latter in various sheds, and in one case a landbound wooden boat. There was some interesting art to be seen, but of course I was more fascinated by the spaces, the shapes (although wondering why some of the more insubstantial looking places hadn't been throughly insulated with slabs of kingspan), and the sourroundings; on the edge of a working boatyard and around a dry dock, there's even a bridge section from a pretty large ship placed centrally. I'll indulge myself with a few pictures, but I should point out it's all open next weekend too, and worth a visit.

Humping wheelbarrows, especially for Carrie:

Once back on the mainland, eating chips and looking out back at the island, we spotted a largeish fox pottering about, looking a lot heathier than the usual skinny foxes to be seen on the city streets. Eeli pie island must be ideal - lots of quiet gardens, riverside life, and a quick trip over the bridge to Twickenham High Street's back alleys...

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Anonymous said...

So THAT'S how new wheelbarrows are made!
-C x