Monday, 30 August 2010

map geekery

While on our trip on the Leighton Buzzard Light railway, I spotted a map showing the original scope of the line:

Looking closer, yes, there's the short section of rail on a wharf by the canal that's long made me curious:

It looks like this little bit of line was separate to the currently running stretch, could well have been a separate company, even. The remains of industry fascinate me, especially when largely forgotten; it would be great to try to search out other remains of this second line, but for the mean time I can only look at maps online:

The route of the standard gauge brach is clearly visible; by it's very nature, 'light' railway was pretty much emphemeral and made less of an impact on the land.

Edited to add - Carrie's sent me a picture of the wharf itself, looking pretty much ready for a few trucks to be rolled in:


Halfie said...

Simon, I sent you a text message, did you get it? We'll be entering Thames Lock, Brentford at about 1015 Fri, and progressing up the GU to Bull's Bridge. Might even do Slough Arm if have time.

Simon said...

sorry, did get it but didn't get a moment to reply all day. Will be tied up finishing a telly studio, but I know where I'd rather be... ;-(

thanks, though