Monday, 14 April 2008

Noise annoys

Another aspect of my life crashes in - yesterday I was looking after the sound for a charity/awareness gig in Brixton. One of those frustrating events full of good intentions, but failing at every hurdle - too many self-interested bands, far too little time for soundchecks let alone for me to get, my head around the gear and find everything I needed to, and being let in late wasn't a great start. Due to start at 3, it eventually kicked off at 4 and went on to 11, eleven hours slog for me. Nearly every band stood around chatting until it was their turn, ignoring the previous acts, and then left - not yet aware that to get anywhere in the music business, you have to at least pretend to take an interest in other people. Thankfully a couple of good acts - one an old friend - gave a bit of fulfillment. That, and the knowledge I can hold together a gig of 8-plus acts on a sound rig I've never seen before, although I much prefer the little acoustic gigs I do with my bicycle powered sound system.

Much more akin to a canal mindset. ;-)

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