Wednesday, 27 February 2019


A quick PSA... I'm guessing anyone reading this will also know Richard & Sue on Indigo Dream. I note they haven't blogged in a bit, but just wanted to flag that ID, Richard & Archie were heavily featured on telly on Monday - James Martin cooked a couple of dishes on ID's prow as they bumbled around Birmingham's canals.

 You can watch it through the link below, or on telly with one of the new-fangled smart tvs, youview box or whatever gadget you choose to attached to your idiot box...

  James Martin's Great British Adventure, Series 1 - Episode 11 James visits the capital of the balti - Birmingham with food critic Grace Dent. James is inspired to cook his version of a chicken balti.

Me? Tortoise eventually sold, went to Rickmansworth, apparently. I'm mostly in Wales. ;-)

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