Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Slough Arm Bridge 2A

I headed down the arm - by bike - to check progress on bridge repair, although that doesn't seem the best word - they'll be removing the bridge span, which may or may mot be replaced at a later date. Sadly access is a little difficult - the towpath is blocked under the M25 by a huge great hoarding blocking the view, although the foreman told me the fences & signs are having to be replaced on an almost daily basis.

The work is being done by Greenfords, subcontracted from May Gurney, contracted by C&RT - as ever, two lots of profit to be skimmed off from that, then. So far all the important services - the mains & fibre optic cables which C&RT are being paid to carry - have been moved to the handy adjacent pipe bridge. The canal is completely blocked by gravel, to give a stable surface for the work to be continued. The bridge had dropped a metre, apparently.

The good news is that they expect to have finished by the published date of mid June.


Sheila said...

Hurrah, Simon is back! Hi, hope all is good with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - it's good news that they think the canal will open that quickly - I'm always afraid that they won't bother when these calamities happen!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

ps: Cruising down from Coppermill Lock to Paddington on Saturday - shout and wave if we pass you :-D

Roger said...


Thanks for this, you got closer than I managed the other week. Good news hopefully, I've now missed both Cavalcade and Rickie which is a waste of money is nothign else (and the weather for both was pretty good). I fear more old structures on the canal will meet the same fate - you do have to wonder if that new access road (and hump) had something to do with this issue.