Sunday, 3 June 2012

Some things never change

'On her Silver Jubilee' by Leon Rosselson. I hope he won't mind. ;-)

Right, we're off to see some boats. ;-)


Halfie said...

I hope SHE won't mind!

Simon said...

I'm not entirely sure 'she' is a regular reader... I do think, though, whilst in a life of ultimate priviledge, it's also one of obligation & duty, and never, ever getting to do what she wants, be herself. I'm sure she would have loved to play maracas in the Ivy Benson band, who wouldn't?

I see an old woman who would undoubtedly have been much, much happier qutely walking near Balmoral with a couple of dogs by her side.

Neil Corbett said...

Many's the happy hour I've spent listening to Leon Rosselson. I used to do one or two of his. I especially liked Palaces of Gold. Do you remember that? |of course his all time greatest work is You Need Skin.