Friday, 7 May 2010

Little Venice pics

Tortoise, in 'fender' mode for the other boats, on Rembrandt gardens:

A lovely tiny push tug, Stanley, basically a sawn-off cruiser deck; Jim Shead's site reports it to be 14' long:

Community boat 'Opportunity' - I'd love to have that hold as a workshop, and still have more or less the same cabin space as Tortoise:

A lovely mobile chandlery boat; I was embarrassingly fascinated with the hingeing panels on the side, I'd put these on Opportunity (or equivalent) in an instant ;-)

finally, an interesting flue installation:

You're spared a picture of the looming prow of Victoria heading straight for Tortoise, partly 'cos it's scary, and mainly because Amy has blogged one already. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Tortoise makes a very nice red fender
C x