Friday, 27 November 2009

Lyons Tea Three Bridges advert

(click pic for bigger version)

I went back to Ealing Library to retake a pic of this ad, as previously blogged. I'm not sure all three were regular ways to get tea from Brentford to Greenford, but you can admittedly get there by all three methods...

Bonus pic, also from the exhibition - the Brentford Dock area in it's industrial mode - the Brent/GU mouth is to the right of this picture, Thames Lock is centre top. Sorry about the reflections in this one:

There's a great aerial view of Brentford by the pool table in the Brewery Tap - I really must grab a copy of that one day, as well.


Neil Corbett said...

What a fab picture - the Lyons one.

Is it copyright or can I copy it? I might like to put one up on the wall on Herbie.

Simon said...

interesting point - I'd go for the 'fair use' defence if anyone challenged me, but people rarely complain if adverts are republished, especially of a vintage nature.

I deliberately left their acknowledgement on - I guess 'PG' stands for Preservation Group rather than PG Tips ;-), so supplier probably contactable - if you find a better copy, do let me know!

(will be over tomorrow, will bring some leaves for your roof down)

katty said...
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