Thursday, 11 June 2009

Google maps updated

Last time I looked at the Iver moorings on google maps, the images were at least two years old, no evidence of my boat at all. This new image is pretty recent by the locations of boats up and down, particularly the brokerage boats - but Tortoise still isn't there - she should be alongside Benbulben in the middle of this image. So this one must be from last summer, or possibly this spring when I was away doing blacking/welding stuff.

If I get really, really, bored (unlikely) I'll have to follow my route to see if I can find her, but of course there's no guarantee she'll be there at all, obviously.


NB Willawaw said...

Thats interesting to know. We use Google maps in satellite mode (Google Earth) on a Blackberry to monitor our position with its GPS. Although some of the maps are a few years old, the accuracy is frightening (+/- 3m). Occasionally get a new marina whereas GE only has a field.

Simon said...

I've no idea how often they update images, it could just be my area for all we know.

Have just been reading your post about location from Monday, agreed, sometimes even I don't want to know where I've been. Have also been looking out for a basic old GPS to use as a speedometer (for a quick play, if nothing else) but they don't seem to come up for sale very often.

Must look into your idea of local boater's guides, too... cheers!

NB Willawaw said...

Depends what you call cheap. New start at around £100. Have you tried eBay ?

Anonymous said...

It's fascinating and scary too! I worry that if they are updated too often, BW would use it to harrass boaters for overstaying. At least now you could say you went away and returned 6 months later :-D
- Carrie x

saltysplash said...

Shipmate, you only need to ask. I have a Garmin Handheld GPS which does the job smashing. Your welcome to borrow it when you next cast off.

irishdave said...

Hi Simon - irishdave from Scrounging Cider blog here - those 2 requests are re-upped for you at
(sorry to contact you through your blog BTW)

Simon said...

irishdave - thank you loads, no problem at all, and top work all round. My boating mates will be looking forward to hearing them pounding out of the boat, I'm sure... ;-)

NB Willawaw - I decided not to get one when they were selling off the original eTrexes for £60, so that kind of set what it's worth, for me.

Carrie - that's the mooring I pay for, it's the one place I'm supposed to be! ;-)

Geoff - typically kind of you, but I'll only drop it in, or something. If I ever sort out an RPM counter, I may take you up on the offer for an hour or two... ;-)