Thursday, 19 February 2009

neater electrics

Space being tight, the domestic electricity distribution is squeezed in under the gunwhale behind the back door. I'd been looking out for a suitable blank box to mount everything in, when using standard double gang surface boxes occured to me - ready made to the right width, modular, and easily replaceable.

The upper blank panel will hold a current/voltage metering, although it may be easier to put the switch panel as the upper one.

The switches themselves are 12v illuminated rocker switches, rated at 20A. Previously I'd discovered these are actually SPDT changeover switches, as when 'off' they short the output to ground - if ground is connected to illuminate the switch. I'll be using this for the fridge circuit, to switch it between a direct connection, or via a relay connected across the charge warning light, along with the split charge relay. The breakers are small thermal types, all 10A bar the lighting circuit which is 5A. Small boat, simple needs, thankfully - the circuits are water, aux (cig lighter sockets & radio/telly), fridge, lights, and charger.

Note the plastic tank connector acting as a bush as the cables pass through the bulkhead into the engine space. On the other side (actually under the back door step) there's a sheet of ply, holding the other electrical services - master switches, relays etc.

Meanwhile I've just bought myself big crimpers (not huge, biggest size of wire they'll take is 16mm2, but that should be enough for the split charge relay) and crimp terminals to sort out various outstanding bits. A colleague pointed out I didn't have enough hair to crimp...

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