Monday, 22 December 2008

It's here!

My lovely little Windy Smithy stove has arrived this morning, and is sitting very happily in the hearth in my front room. It's small, but in a very temporary installation (CO alarm brought home from the boat, just in case) it's giving a lovely gentle heat. The kettle sitting on top in the picture is a cheap camping one with a lip around the base (designed for a gas stove), one with a flat bottom would pick up a lot more heat. Anyway, a gorgeous little stove, small enough to be flexible, and woudl work well on a boat, of course. I had a look at a few others around - there's a lot in forums etc on the web - for the same price as a chinese one, say, I've got a hand made one from Devon. Very happy with it.

Question for boaters - recommendations for a pub to go to on a day trip from Iver morrings, in winter (so short day)? I'm guessing Uxbridge or West Drayton, I wasn't over-impressed with the pub by the marina, but it might do...


Carl said...

Great little stove! Ours came courtesy of ebay for £75 and fills a hole in the same state as yours! If you haven't got a hearth may I recommend that you get some old quarry tiles (50p each for us). All in all the stove cost us £1000 to install (steel lining is expensive stuff), but is worth it.

Happy Christmas!

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

You could try the Black horse,at
Greenford. We had a good lunch there last May

Simon said...

thanks, B&D - know it well, but a little out of range for a lateish start (people coming out from London) and early dusk.

Carl - mine was [new] on ebay as well until it was getting close to the 'buy it now price' still with three days to go, so I went for it anyway. My chimney may well need lining too, but it's coped with an occasional open fire for years now.

Neil Corbett said...

The Swan & Bottle at Uxbridge is OK, and their food is very good. You can moor right outside the door too. Not much else in that direction within reach.

For a friendly chat and a nice pint, the Paddington Packet Boat just up the lane from the packet boat marina is ok.

Or you could go as far as the top of Hanworth locks then walk down the flight to the Fox which is the biz! Great beer and great food.


Carrie said...

What a lovely stove you've got there Simon. You'll be cosy this winter. And an even rosier glow knowing no Chinese sweatshop made it ;-)