Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Boats & names, again; not just bad puns


Dave Gilmour's floating studio

Typical of the house 'boats' moored around Tagg's Island

Always good to see boats earning a living; this one is a farm shop

Not sure about these... I do like to think that the signwriter got confused on the second one, and the owner's hadn't made up their minds...

Another pair who should be introduced

Geeks with boats!

Comic Sans. On a canal boat. Oh well - not that I can talk - that's Tempus Sans on mine, temporarily

A Caraboat; these can be trailed & used as a caravan too. Intriguing, but I am getting quite obesssed with small boats of various types.

As I was saying...

And finally, someone's fitted an outboard engine to a patio.

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