Friday, 2 June 2006

Over on the boat again yesterday; I'm now fully legal, insured & licensed, so I could get on with a bit of hacking about.

The main difference is that the big wardrobe/cupboard has gone, making the kitchen area so much more open (and that window is now fully exposed internally); one plan is to move the sink into where that gap was (where the pieces of wood are visible behind the cooker), then the stove can (eventually) move into where the sink was, freeing up the front of the boat for more benches/beds. That will leave me with a very compact kitchen and less storage space, but a lot more flexible sleeping arrangements for the lovely people who'll be coming along.

meanwhile on the LHS; the original table top didn't actually fit in between the seats to make a bed, so I've made a new one that does/will. I've also cut off the seat back of the far seat, meaning that my feet can hang over the end in bed mode; the happy side effect is that the seat also works from the other direction, looking straight out of the back door.

Hopefully taking it out down the canal for a few hours at some point next week; if anyone has time off during the week, shout and you could come too...

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